let me give you a summary from my experiance with the
today FOP (0.20.3) which I collected in the last

My goal was to produce a label for direct printing on
a printer. 

The format which should do the work was PCL to use any

Since I had to concern on labels I choosed SVG to
create labels and my intention was to imbed those SVG
documents in one FO document. 

As soon as I started with FOP I recognized, PCL and
SVG doesn't like each other. The PCLRenderer can't do
anything with SVG.

So, I forgot the any printer approach and said to
myself let's use a Postscript printer and try the
PSRenderer. The result was at least a Postscript
document, but not worth to show it to a customer.

The only acceptable format came from the PDFRenderer.
But have you heared from a PDF printer? If yes, please
let me know and give me some prices.

For performance reasons I prefer of course PCL
directly printing to any printer using the Java
Communications API.

I hope that people read this, who are also involved in
the writing of FOP documents and pay attention in
their first lines of the documents of the following:

1. It should be clear for anyone from the very first
beginning when working with FOP that FOP works fine
when PDF should be the result. 

2. That it also work fine when you stay in the FO
namespace and create your stylesheets with FO.

3. That it does a worthless job when you create SVG
stylesheets and embed them in FO in hope that you get
out PCL or PS.

The reason why to embed SVG in FO is clear. There is 
no visual FO editor out there. So you can not give
your customer the freedom to create their own
stylesheets. But there are a few visual SVG editors
which allow the customer to do right this. 

I used WebDraw from Jasc Software, Inc. and it does a
great job. 

Hopefully, I didn't hurt anyone with my comments. 



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