Can you please describe me how to embedd equations inside
FO style sheet.

i render for PDF it doesn't takes MathML markups. As per
W3C Draft Specification 15 October 2001 there is no
information about incorporating MathML tags inside the FO.

This is the main problem with any STM(science,technical and
medicine) document formatting.

--- Roland Neilands <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >can anybody give me description regarding FOP.
> > like what it is actually and what it does?
> I presume you've seen the website
> and you know
> what XML is.
> It is an XSL-FO processor. It takes the XSL-FO as input
> (or generates it
> first using Xalan/Xerces from XML transformed using XSLT)
> and converts it to other formats, primarily PDF.
> In English, it converts raw data (XML) to print formatted
> documents (PDF, PS
> etc) using stylesheets (XSL) or converts formatted data
> (XSL-FO) into print
> formatted documents.
> I hope this helps.
> Regards,
> Roland.

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