I'm generating a very similar document, also with nested tables within a
main, one-column table. Here's my values:
PDF (144 Kb, about 30-40 pages): 15 seconds
just the XML (62 Kb): 7 seconds.

I wouldn't say that FOP slows down a lot. But: Maybe it's your browser
that's slowing down. I did my tests from a command-line tool, since it
wouldn't be very fair to blame FOP only because IE is a lame duck...


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Objet : RE: performance problem renedering nested fo-tables

addition to a previous message: I'm using FOP 0.20.3 with Cocoon 2.0.1. As I
already stated, time to generate XSL-FO and serialize it to view in the
browser is under 3 sec. Full time to generate PDF is about 15 seconds.

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