Hi all,

Currently we have a weird problem: when converting an XML file (or rather,
an XML-ified HML source) to a FO file and 
converting this resulting FO file to a PDF all things are fine. However,
when we try to convert the XML with the exact 
same XSL script into a PDF we get errors:

[INFO]: FOP 0.20.3
[INFO]: building formatting object tree
[INFO]: Parsing of document complete, stopping renderer
[INFO]: Parsing of document complete, stopping renderer
[ERROR]: / by zero

As we use the same XML and XSL in both cases we're a bit confused here.

Please find attached the XML and XSL we used. We're using fop version 0.20.3
on w2k.

Anybody got a clue as what might go wrong here?

Thanks in advance,


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