Dear Oleg

your right, the apos is ok.  but I could have swore
the apos was causing the error before.  However, I got
this error in one of the transformation.  do you know
what character &#x19 is?

javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: Illegal XML
character:  .


--- Oleg Tkachenko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Xiao Yang wrote:
> > > I am using FOP to transform some bio into pdf
> format. 
> > FOP generates an error when it encounters an
> illegal
> > character such as the apostrophe "'".  Where can I
> > find a list of illegal characters that FOP does
> not
> > accept?  I need to replace the illegal character
> with
> > their numeric entity reference.
> What is exactly the error? Apostrophe is not an
> illegal character at all, but 
> as it's used in xml markup to delimit attribute
> values, it's kinda special.
> And you don't need numeric entity reference, because
> &apos; is predefined 
> entity. See xml spec for more details: 
> -- 
> Oleg Tkachenko
> Multiconn International Ltd, Israel

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