I'm having the same issues, so if you find a solution, please post.  But, it
seems like you could use the XALAN function XSLTransform to convert a DOM
document or a string using an XSL file to either a FO file or another DOM
document.  XSLTInputHandler will only take java.io.File parameters, but I've
seen examples of using the JAXP Transformer to do the job as well.  See:
http://www.devx.com/xml/articles/vp101201/vp101201-1.asp.  It seems as if
this could be modified to use a StringReader and/or StringWriter.  Let me
know if you have any luck.


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Subject: FOPServlet and XML string

Does anyone know how to modify the FOPServlet so that it takes in a XML
string instead of a XML file?  The XSLTInputHandler class (which inherits
from InputHandler) seems to only take in a file but not a String. i'm stuck.
Any ideas or suggestion?

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