I'm actually having the same problems with the keep-with-next property, it
just doesn't seem to have ANY effect at all (I tried using it on table
rows). There have been some discussions here about this topic, and I think
that some people stated that it works, but I still couldn't figure out how
they did it... One workaround is to use table-headers, depending on your
document structure, you might wanna use this.

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De : Markus Wiese [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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Objet : Re: Some seemingly "simple" Formatting Questions

Hi Paul,

1. Try putting your margin-top in your <fo:simple-page-master>
2. afaik markers aren't supported yet.
3. try using something like:
<fo:block line-height="3pt">
    <fo:leader leader-pattern="rule" leader-length="150mm"
                    rule-thickness="1pt" color="#990000"/>
4. I had to fiddle a lot with preventing page-breaks,
   you will have to use the workarounds (using table-cells/
   or wait for the major redesign, I reckon. Please correct, if I'm wrong.


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Von: Thibodeaux, Paul <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Datum: Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2002 02:25
Betreff: Some seemingly "simple" Formatting Questions

>I'm relatively new to using FOP.  I've got a document working fairly well,
>but am having a difficult time doing a few things that I would have thought
>to be "simple".
>1.  Cannot set the TOP MARGIN of a "xsl-region-before".
>Setting it to anything is ignored and the data is always printed at the
>top of the page.
> <fo:static-content flow-name="xsl-region-before"
> margin-top="2cm" margin-left="2cm"
>margin-right="2cm" >
>2. Cannot set the FONT of a "fo:retrieve-marker" used in a
>It seems to ignore my font setting and always print the same size.
>    <fo:block keep-together="auto" font-size="8pt">
>           <fo:retrieve-marker
>    retrieve-class-name="mrkState"
>    retrieve-position="first-starting-within-page"/>
>    </fo:block>
>3. Cannot set the height of a "fo:leader" to a small amount.
>The output is always preceeded by more white space than is desired.
> <fo:block>
> <fo:leader leader-pattern="rule" space-after.optimum="4pt"
> space-before="0pt" line-height="1pt"/>
> </fo:block>
>4. Problem using "keep-with-next" across page and column breaks of
>multi-column  pages.
>Thanks to Chuck Paussa, I made great headway on better controlling KEEPS in
>a multi-column document by putting the data in TABLE CELLS.  The
>KEEP-TOGETHER seems to work fine within TABLE cells;  however, the
>NEXT does not appear to work.
>Any insights on this would be greatly appreciated.
>Paul Thibodeaux

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