The answer of my question is :

   Create the svg file of a GUI Component with the same dimension 
   that it should have in the pdf page file.

Stefano Barella

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Subject: Fill a block container area with an SVG 

Hi, I have a problem, 
I'm using fop to genere a pdf file and I want to fill 
a block container with an svg picture.
My problem is that I give to the block a precise dimension 
an position ( ABSOLUTE ) and I'll give to the svg image the same 
but it is ignored all directive that I have gaved. The image doen't 
fill all the rectangle of the block container but it seems to have 
always a precise dimension, may be a FIXED dimension.

My code:

<fo:block-container height="11cm" width="9cm" top="0.0cm" left="0.0cm" 
            border-width="0.01mm" border-style="solid">
        <svg xmlns=""; width="9cm"
                <image xlink:href="file:pie.svg" x="0" y="0" 
                                           width="9cm" height="11cm"/>

Can anybody help me ?

Stefano Barella

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