Use the logger included (check the docs or the website) and set logging to
fatal then ya will only log the fatal errors....
and no others...

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                    Abhijat Upadhyay                                            
                    <abhijat.upadhyay@        To:     "'FOP User'" <[EMAIL 
          >                cc:                               
                                              Subject:     Avoiding the logging 
messages generated when PDF generation  
                    27/06/2002 23:06          is happening                      
                    Please respond to                                           

Hi Friends,
I am using apache fop to generate pdf through web.

Foll. is the method used for rendering pdf.
            * renders an FO inputsource into a PDF file which is rendered
            * to File.
           public void renderFO(InputSource foFile,

FileOutputStream out) throws Exception {
                     try {

                               Driver driver = new Driver(foFile, out);

                     } catch (Exception ex) {
                               throw ex;//new ServletException(ex);


In the log file I am getting so many warning and error messages. Can you
guide me how to remove these unwanted warning and error statements.
Abhijat Upadhyay
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