Norbert Schoepke wrote:
I have a problem with annotating code in my DocBook.
I want to use <programlistingco> an have the areas and callouts all set up
But the callout numbers appear on a new line with just the number in it,
not at the position I want it to appear.
I read in References and FAQ's about it, but which attributes I must choose
to gain my desired effect I still can't reckon...

All I know is that I've seen working examples with callout numbers at the
end of teh same line AND inbetween letters at one exact column position.
Can somebody help ?

We are dealing with FO here, not DocBook directly. Please produce a FO using the docbbook xsl stylesheets, delete everything not relevant to your problem, post the result and comment on what you expected.

Other than that, the relevant docbook XSLT relies heavily
on extension functions, which makes examining it a bit
problematic. You should probably ask on the relevant
docbook XSL list.


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