Kevin Yeung wrote:
Thanks for your reply. I put some Chinese characters in an fo:block and I
got this message:

[ERROR]: An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0xa9) was found in the element
content of the document.

You have an encoding problem. This is a general XML issue, not specific to FOP. The encodsding in the XML declaration has to match the actual encoding in which the file is written to disk. If there is no encoding declared, the parser will almost always asssume UTF-8, and in this case U+00A9 maps to a control character which is not valid in any XML file. See "XML declaration" Check the documentation for the editor you used to enter the chinese characters, declarae the encoding, and hope the parser understands it. If all else fails, look up th Unicode codepoints for the characters and enter them as character references using an ASCII editor. See "character references" Unicode codepoints for chinese characters can be found somewhere on


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