Luc NADDEO wrote:
When I try to build FOP from the latest CVS version I've got :
[style] Failed to process C:\xml-fop\src\codegen\CourierOblique.xml
C:\xml-fop\build.xml:421: javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: Unknown 
error in XPath
with jdk1.4.1

This should indicate a problem with the XSLT processor. I'm not quite sure which one is used, the CVS includes Xalan 2.2D11 (I think), which has occasionally problems. JDK 1.4 contains it's own Xalan version, which may be older and could cause the error. You can try to set the Xalan and Xerces distributed with FOP (which definitely works with JDK 1.3) in the bootclasspath.


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