> Changing the kerning in the metrics file is a no-op, it's not used
> by FOP (unfortunately), except for indicating that kerning info is
> available in the font, and the PDF display program takes the kerning
> from the embedded TTF file anyway.
Perhaps it should be a no-op: With the kerning elements some
character pairs are set with a too small (negativ) space. Funny is
that (at least all I checked) those pairs are not referenced from the
kerning section. Without the kerning elements the character pairs
are set like they are set in word.

> You should be able to get the same result easier by disabling kerning
> for the font in the userconfig.xml file.
I tried that one but it didn't make any difference (When I glanced over the 
code I found that render.pdf.FontReader.useKerning() sets 
multiFont.useKerning to true regardless of arguments, but I didn't
check if that was the problem since I stumbled upon the workaround).


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