Müller, Markus wrote:

I have trouble using the userconfig.xml on UNIX. FOP generates these

[DEBUG] Using org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser as SAX2 Parser
[ERROR] Could not load user configuration file
/u/BSK27/fop0.20.4/conf/userconfig.xml - error: Content is not allowed in

Who has problems with my config file? SAX2? FOP? What's wrong?

That's xml parser, particularly xerces as can be seen in debug. Somehow xerces found character data during prolog parsing (only xml declaration, doctype declaration, comments, pi's and whitespace allowed in a prolog, which is all stuff before root element start tag). Usually that means encoding problem.
Have you changed userconfig.xml encoding? Try to define encoding explicitly in the xml declaration.
Oleg Tkachenko
eXperanto team
Multiconn Technologies, Israel

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