Nwilan Glirt wrote:

Now that I discovered that page-position="last" is not implemented in
FOP, I am looking for alternative ways to produce "first", "middle" and
"last" specific pages. Is there any way to do some conditional stuff on
blocks such as testing if we are currently writing the last page?

No, even FOP itself is unable to know if it's the last page - that's the core problem. Actually it probably requires lookahead, the only way I can imagine is to try to layout *every* page as last and if flow is not exhausted, relayout it again as not last, anyway it's a topic for fop-dev.
If you know explicitly what objects would be on the last page and you are sure it fits exactly 1 page you can move last page objects into a different fo:page-sequence object with appropriate master-reference to the last page master.

Oleg Tkachenko
eXperanto team
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