is there any difference if my gif file and my xsl file are in the same jar
archive. I don't know how to put the file name after "file:///" (assume that
every thing is in resource.jar)

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Dang Minh Phuong wrote:

> I have a problem. In my xsl file, I use  to add a logo into my pdf
> It works well if I
> run it without pack them. When I try to pack them into a resource.jar file
> in order to install in my customer's machine, the logo doesn't show. I
> added the resource.jar into my classpath already as all  work
> well.
> I don't know what happen??? Could you help me???

file: protocol assumes the file is on a local file system, not in a jar 
archive. If you want to locate file within a jar, you have to use "jar:" URI

schema, e.g. jar:file:///d:/images.jar!/fop.gif.

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