Is it possible to position a block in an exact location and have the rest of
the text flow around it?
example. I have a two column newsletter and I would like to put a callout
box in the middle of the page.  I am not sure if this is an XSL question of
FOP so I am sending this question to both lists.

asdfsdfsadfasasd     asfasfsadfsafsadf
asdfasfdsa asdfsa     asdf asdf as fasd
asdfsadfsd    -----------    asfsadff as
as adf asdf   |  as asd s  |   as as as as
sa                |   as as  a  |   a asd  af f
s  ff sf as      ------------   asdf asf a
asdf sad                   asfsadf asdf as
asdfsf assafd sadf     asdf asdfasfas
asf asff asdfs asd      asdffas asdfsaf

I hope this illustrates what I would like to output.


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