Nwilan Glirt wrote:

That is bad news for me... I am beginning to loose faith in FO being a
practical solution for build business forms like invoices from XML. Has
anyone actually succeeded doing this?

xsl-fo specifies vocabulary and semantics of high-quality paginated presentation. Does it fit you needs or doesn't - your decision. Take a look at Dave Pawson's "An introduction to XSL Formatting Objects"[1], first chapters may give you a perspective.

My next approach will be to produce pcl output and then make a script
that removes the headers/footers that are not needed (ie. the header on
first page and the footer on the last page). Seems like big trouble for
solving something that I had hoped was trivial doing directly in FO.
What I really needed would be something like table-ONLY-footer-at-break
and table-ONLY-header-at-break, but I know that this kind of request is
beyond the scope of this mailing list.

You right, this list is about FOP - one particular xsl-fo processor. You'd better ask on a list devoted to xsl-fo itself, e.g. [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED] or xsl-list. Actually a solution to your problem may exist, but I'm not aware of it and unfortunately I have no time to look for it, sorry.

[1] http://www.dpawson.co.uk/xsl/sect3/bk/index.html
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