Florence Deforge wrote:

Actually I'm just starting to experiment on the following process :
I receive data from an application which generates an XML file from Excel
and Word data.
XML nodes which are created to represent Word data have an attribute wich
refers to a CSS stylesheet, and childs (representing paragraphs with
html-like tags) may have "style" attributes that contains info on fonts or
other style stuff.
This is fine to generate html that "looks like" the original Word data with
an xsl stylesheet that link to the CSS.

I would say xml+css is more likely presentational format, oriented for CSS-aware applications. Therefore you have to process CSS. Look in the archive, I have explained recently how it could be done.

But with fop I don't know how to refer either to the CSS stylesheet nor to
take into account the other style attributes ...

You cannot. You have to parse CSS yourself and query style information.

 which, in the real world,
will sometimes contain wingding font !

That means somebody have to fix winding font :)

Oleg Tkachenko
eXperanto team
Multiconn Technologies, Israel

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