Hi Jef and thanks for the fast reply.
The printout looks fine. It is printed with 100%, though, so that was to
be expected.

I use the current Acrobat Reader to view my files and I have commercial
Documents, with graphics that look great no matter how large I scale, so
it can not really be the viewer?


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> Stephan-
> Are you noticing degraded image quality in a printed version 
> of the PDF, or only in an on-screen display?  If it's in the 
> on-screen display, I would attribute the degradation to the 
> way the PDF Viewer handles scaling of images.  Rather than 
> using a nice, blurred scaling algorithm, I believe the PDF 
> Viewer uses a quick and dirty single-sample scaling 
> algorithm, which can lead to distortion of the images, 
> especially when viewed at odd factoring sizes like 66% or 75%.
> If it's in a printed PDF, then I have no explanation, 
> although I'd like to see an example.  I've implemented a 
> system using FOP, which embeds hi resolution JPEGS into a 
> PDF, and the printed output looks good, while the on-screen 
> output can sometimes be a little grainy.  It's not terribly 
> noticeable on my images, since they're photographs, and don't 
> generally have hard edges, which tend to show scaling 
> shortcuts more than soft gradients.
> Hope that helps.
> -Jeff

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