Stephan Wiesner wrote:

> The printout looks fine. It is printed with 100%, though, so that was to
> be expected.
> I use the current Acrobat Reader to view my files and I have commercial
> Documents, with graphics that look great no matter how large I scale, so
> it can not really be the viewer?

Your previous post indicated that your file size varied with the quality of
the graphic, so I assume that the graphics you are embedding are raster. Is
the same thing true of the commercial documents that you refer to above? I
would expect vector graphics to look much better when scaled on screen or
anywhere else.

Also, you might experiment with the settings in the "Smoothing" section of
the Edit / Preferences / General menu in Acrobat (I think it is in the same
place on the Acrobat Reader).

Victor Mote

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