From: Oleg Tkachenko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

lepekhine wrote:

I use fop 0.20.4 and docbook-xsl-1.55.0
After processing the next code lines
    <title>Figure Title</title>
    <imagedata fileref="figure.gif" align="center"/>
sometimes "Figure Title" turns to be just befor page break
and the image is rendered at the beginning of the next page.
I don't know is it fop's or docbook's feature, but do anybody know
how to check available space before printing?
That's default xsl-fo behaviour. It's completely stylesheet author responsibility to set constraints like keep-together one. Dunno if docbook xsl set keep-* property on generated formatting objects. You'd better ask at docbook-apps list.

But even if Docbook puts the keep-* property on the FOs, FOP only implements keep-* on tables. So it is likely that it will be necessary to tweak the Docbook stylesheet after its generated if you want to avoid page breaks between image and its title.

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