Hi all.

I pulled the latest version of FOP (20021118112325) off of CVS and was
able to build it just fine.

But when I run fop from the command line with "bash fop.sh -d myfo.fo
FOP hangs and I get the following debug messages:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] xml-fop]$ bash fop.sh -d myfo.fo new.pdf
[INFO] 1.0dev
[DEBUG] building formatting object tree
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

I used fop 0.20.3 with jdk 1.4.0 in RedHat before, and this worked
without any problems with the same fo-file.

So why does it work with the old 0.20.3 fop version but not with the new

Can somebody tell me or give me a tip what the reason for this is or
could be?



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