This is an open appeal to the XML Open Source Community. Please support this appeal to keep an Open Source Project alive! How can we keep the following project Open Source? Please post this message to people who may help!

"Xopus is a browser based in-place wysiwyg XML editor. Xopus allows users to edit their XML data in an intuitive word processor alike way."

The following notice is on the above mentioned page. (my comments) are in the brackets.

Hello groups, hello Laurens van den Oever, Sjoerd Visscher, Lon Boonen!

Here is the notice of Q42:

Hi all,

Today we made a decision concerning the Open Source future of Xopus.

Originally, the Open Source project was intended to be our marketing. We hoped for huge exposure and many new projects and funding.

(How long are you open source now? Since August/September? I think it will take a while to spread the word. I talked to many people that are thinking to use Xopus and support the project, but it takes some time to really get in to it.)

And of course to change the world for the better.

(Would be if you stay Open Source! Your Editor is one good piece of work! I really like it! If we spread the word into the cocoon community I think you will get more support and projects)

We indeed got a lot of positive feedback, a few contributions (thanks guys!), but no projects nor funding.

The only serious leads and paying customers so far haven't found us through the Open Source community. Most of them don't like the Open Source idea all together.

(That's to bad. But part of the idea is as well that the user will develop the software because the know best want they want. I think your client will understand that they will profite of the work of the Open Source Community. They have ideas, spirit and a powerful community.)

Building the ideal XML editor, our goal, turned out to be somewhat more ambitious than we estimated.
We have made a huge investment building this product and can't continue to deliver free software without revenues.

(If some organisation listen: There is a Xopus Version for sale that have this * Advanced features:
o Complex pipeline resolving
o Richtext editors
o Table editing
o Lookup editors
o Animations
o Fast-pace editing (allows fast-keyboard-typing while xml nodes are created automatically according to the schema)
o Date editors
o Integer editors
o Enumeration editors)

Therefore we have been forced to the conclusion that we will not release new Xopus versions to the Open Source community as long as we don't find serious paid projects or funding.

(The product is really awesome try it out @

We hope we will be able to return to the Open Source development soon.

Thanks for your support and "we apologize for the inconvenience" (THHGTTG IV),

What can we do?

King Regards

Thorsten Scherler
(by the way I am not with Q42, I am using the Open Source Product with wyona-cms ( and I like it very much. All cocoon user can integrate that editor in they applications! Online editing of XML - Kick's ass!)

Alex McLintock wrote:
Oh dear. It looks like XOpus isn't going to be open source, after all.

Hmmmm. I can't really argue with their reasoning. I am pushing Open Source to the business community - and not getting enough revenue to make it worthwhile either.



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