I am trying to get pagination information back into the source 
document. (see 

It seems that there is no other opportunity than relying on an ugly 
hack. I intend to scan the Area Tree output in order to see where 
page breaks occur exactly.

Every element in the source document has an id and the following 
lines will be at the beginning of every template:
<fo:inline><xsl:value-of select="concat(name(),':',@id)"/>

Of course, this influences the page breaks itself which it should not 
do. So I make it smaller:
<fo:inline font-size="0.000001pt"><xsl:value-of 

Now the text is gone but, unfortunately, the inline-element still 
consumes space? How do I make this element disappear completely (but 
still get it to be in the area tree)?
Is there any other way to achieve this? Processing instructions?

Kind regards!
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