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Is there any way to transform the value returned by the instruction <fo:page-number/> before printing it? Let's say i would like to double it and then print the result, could i use an xsl:variable or not?

Fop is able to process a fo file directly but it is also able to process a xsl file and a xml file. In the cas i give fop 2 files to process (xml+xsl), will it always give the same result as giving it the fo file (obtained from the xml and xsl)??


Although you pass both the XML and XSL file to FOP, there is still a 2 stage process, and this is just for convenience. FOP calls the XSLT processor (Xalan) to process all the XSL elements first, before attempting to render the FO to PDF. There is no way to know about page numbers in the XSLT stage.


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