Thank you, Oleg!

> lepeklhine wrote:
> > I use fop 0.20.4 and dockbook-xsl-1.55.0
> > I can not manage subscripts in pdf files
> > to be rendered as they must be - they always
> > appeare as the ordinary text.
> Probably docbook-xsl uses baseline-shift property for subscripts, but
> unfortunately baseline-shift is not implemented yet in FOP. Usual practice
> is to use vertical-align="sub" instead, but I have no idea how can you
> manage with it considering generic docbook-xsl stylesheets. Try to override
> subscript processing in the stylesheets.

When I changed it in xsl all subscripts and superscripts go to the proper 
places. Fine!

> > The similar case happens with ulink tag -
> > it is converted to <A HREF="link"> in html page
> > but is rendered as [#link] in pdf.

I am sorry. There was HREF="#link" as I wanted to have the local link.

> > Is this fop bug or docbook-xsl bug
> > or something else that I don't know?
> Links should be okay, probably the problem is in a stylesheet. How does
> generated fo look like?

As for links they are OK. 
I understand that I should use <link linkend=""> for local links
and not <ulink url="">.
Now all links work fine.
Thank you once more.

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