Thank you very much!

On Monday 25 November 2002 17:31, Oleg Tkachenko wrote:
> lepekhine wrote:
> > Could you help me with the very strange
> > hyphenation of Russian words?
> > I use fop 0.20.4 and docbook 1.55.0
> > In the multysyllable russian words sometimes
> > the middle syllable is left at the and of line,
> > then goes hyphen mark and the rest of word
> > (without middle syllable) goes on the next line.
> > In English it corresponds to the next division
> > of word "hyphenation" for example: phen-
> > hynation.
> How does generated fo look like? Did you set language property?

I have set language in <book lang="ru">
I did not generate fo file but if you are interested in I will.
Now I am fully satisfied with the absence of hyphenation.
Thank you once more.

Alexander Lepekhine

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