I think one example of how to extend is adding bar codes to the style sheet. You can find some nice examples here:


(I don't work for RenderX)

You might also look here:


From the Announcement:
"The EXSLFO project is a community effort to define functional extensions to thet XSL Formatting Objects specification in advance of development of new versions of the XSL FO specification by trhe W3C. It is intended to be an adjunct to the formal W3C specification development process. It is modeled on the existing EXSLT activity (http://exlst.org/)."

Hope this helps!

Web Maestro Clay

At 02:55 PM 11/26/2002, you wrote:
Can anyone help me? I have looked into the outline and label, but it does not help me, I have also tried looking into SVG, and it does not help me either, can anyone give me an exampl of which methods I need to override in the FObj etc...


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