The best example for the maintenance branch is really the SVG support
because it's very close to what you want to do. In the redesign there's
the MathML example but the design is slightly different, I think.

Try to create a copy of SVGObj and adjust it to your needs (Same for
SVGElement and SVGElementMapping).  I think there's no need to directly
subclass FObj.  Between FOObj and SVGObj there's XMLObj which should be
the baseclass for your BarcodeObj.

Maybe it's really better (read simpler) if you looked for a solution
that gives you a bitmap from a barcode as suggested by others.

On 26.11.2002 23:55:10 Raffi Simon wrote:
> Can anyone help me? I have looked into the outline and label, but it
> does not help me, I have also tried looking into SVG, and it does not
> help me either, can anyone give me an exampl of which methods I need to
> override in the FObj etc...

Jeremias Maerki

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