This whole stuff troubled me a bit, so I sat down and wrote a sample
extension that you only have to rename and adjust to your needs. So far,
I managed to get some special codes into the PCL stream. I didn't even
have to change the PCLRenderer as I feared.

What you have to do now is the following (provided you still want to do
1. Rename the classes as you want.
2. Change the code in ExtendedPCLRenderer so the position is set prior
to outputting the barcode and then you need to add the code that
actually prints the barcode. The PCLRenderer should contain multiple
examples on how to set the position from an Area.

There's also a sample class (+fo file) showing how to register the
extension. It worked well on my machine.

Good luck!

(I'd appreciate if you'd publish the code when it works. Maybe someone
else will also want to do something similar.)

On 26.11.2002 23:55:10 Raffi Simon wrote:
> Can anyone help me? I have looked into the outline and label, but it
> does not help me, I have also tried looking into SVG, and it does not
> help me either, can anyone give me an exampl of which methods I need to
> override in the FObj etc...

Jeremias Maerki


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