In my fo file I have the following part:

<fo:block-container width="118mm" height="502px" top="107mm"
position="absolute" >
        <fo:external-graphic src="url('../img/martina.jpg')"
content-height="auto" content-width="auto"/>

With this settings of the block-container everything works fine.
The image is larger in width an gets scaled correctly. However, if I
change the height parameter of the container to my desired value
no image will be rendered. The image is slightly larger than the needed
size of the container. It seems that automatic scaling of an image
only works if the height of the block container is the exact height of
the image. Other combinations (block.width = img.width +
block.height<img.height ||
block.height/block.height < img.width/img.height) don't work, and no image
rendered. Any workarounds for this bug (if it is one)?

This is not a big problem but a litte bit annoying, because part of the fo
file gets
generated by my application (different images can be used with varying

Regards, Alex

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