My name is Mark Bitz and I was just wondering if you happen to find somebody
to help you with this. If you have not, please get back to me and we can
work something out.  I have been working with this FOP stuff for quite a
while 2+ years and have developed quite a few xsl:fo stylesheets. Thanks..
email me at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Mark Bitz

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Sent: Friday, October 25, 2002 7:46 AM
Subject: Want to contract a FOP stylesheet developer$$

> Sorry.  I am not a head hunter.  Not some big company, just an individual
> java developer.
> I got involved in a tough project for a client and I can't do
> everything.  I been working on this for two years!
> I am in need of someone that can develop an xml2fo.xsl stylesheet that
> transform my xml report into a beautify PDF document.
> I have personally done the xml2html.xsl stylesheet.
> Give me an estimate of time, how you want paid, your terms, etc...   I am
> bankrolling this personally from my full-time job to get this finished.
> Here is a link to a example html report, the xml file that contained the
> report content and the xsl stylesheet that transformed the xml into the
> html document there.
> Thanks.  I hope you don't mind the intrusion.
> The project is a health risk assessment.  Participants take a survey
> through jsurvey (a open sourced survey product soon to be released) and
> that data is imported and reports are generated.  I am using the velocity
> template engine to assemble the report content into a xml file.
> Here are the project samples:
> Contact me
> Thanks!

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