Nwilan Glirt wrote:
That is bad news for me... I am beginning to loose faith in FO being a practical solution for build business forms like invoices from XML. Has anyone actually succeeded doing this?


What I really needed would be something like table-ONLY-footer-at-break and table-ONLY-header-at-break, but I know that this kind of request is beyond the scope of this mailing list.

The usual trick is to use markers instead of headers+footers. Roughly for the footers: every table first cell of a row except in the last row has a "tab-footer" marker with the desired text. The first cell in the last row has an empty "tab-footer" marker. The static content for the region-after retrieves the last. "tab-footer" marker in a way that looks like is was part of the table (means preciese measurements). The disadvantage is a bit of additional space between the page body text and the footer on pages where no conditional pseudo-table-footer is printed.

Working demo FO code


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