Dee Runacres(Hotmail) wrote:
Before we can get permission to install on HPUX the system administrator has
requested to know how much memory is required or will be used by FOP.
I reported on some averages for NT as I have not used the product on HP but
they were not satisfied. I have not been able to find any recomendations at

It's not FOP for itself, it's the JVM which needs memory. The usual default settings are max. 64MB for the Java heap and stack, totalling for something between 130MB and 200MB max. for the whole process. That's just a plain guess, ask your JVM vendor for better numbers. Whether FOP can render your files with this settings is another matter, for large, complicated documents or for documents containing many large images it may run out of memory. In this case, it's your task either to sneak in settings for allocating more memory to the JVM, or to ask officially for it.

Is this a silly question?
In some sense yes. Your system administrator should be able to install a
JRE without bothering you. As for the installation of FOP itself, this is
just unpacking a bunch of files and subdirectories in a directory of your
choice. It's not as if this changes globally used files or databases or
installs users and demons or something. And it's up to you whether you want
to hog memory and disk space with large docs and lots of fonts and huge
images you use for rendering.

Is there likely to be any complications installing on HPUX in comparison to
The JRE might have different bugs. Also, check your file URLs in the
external-graphics and in the userconfig.xml, if you added fonts there.


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