Clay Leeds wrote:
I'm not sure if this is the place to make this request (if not, my apologies!), but it sure would be useful if the error would indicate the 'line-number' along with all possible error messages. I can't say how many times I've had an error like nullpointer, and spent hours trying to figure out where the error was. Sometimes it provides the line-number, but others it doesn't. One example is when I do an 'xsl:apply-templates select="whatchamacallit"' only to find out that whatchamacallit happens to be empty. It gives some sort of nullpointer error, but does not specify a line-number. Then I have to find the missing info (brings to mind a needle in a haystack).

Impossible in general. The parser can offer line numbers in case of problems with XML syntax, but after the transformation all bets are off. It is possible to add line numbers to FOs in case FOP is fed with a FO *file*, but communicating whats the difference between a file and the result of a transformation is something left to more patient people. Alos, even if there are line numbers attached to FOs, they may be unreachable at the place where an error occurs.

Search the list archive for more material, this topic has been
hashed out several times already.


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