Timo Haberkern wrote:
i try to embedd an external svg graphic to my pdf file.I used the following lines in my stylesheet:

<fo:external-graphic space-before="0.1cm" width="5cm">
<xsl:attribute name="src">
<xsl:value-of select="eo_256"/> <!-- file name of the svg image -->
<xsl:attribute name="width">5cm</xsl:attribute> </fo:external-graphic>

The result is not as expected. It seems FOP ignores the width attribute. The embedded SVG image is scaled to the maximum width (xsl-region-body-width). Any solutions for scaling an external svg graphic?? What did i wrong?

Code like the above works for me. THere are however some issues with SVG image scaling. the easiest way to control them is to use both the same height and width in an absolute measurement on both the fo:external-graphics aand the svg:svg element: <fo:external-graphic width="5cm" height="2cm" src="foo.svg"/> and <svg:svg width="5cm" height="2cm" xmlns:svg="...


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