Hi Leonid,

I am using the special renderer from Oleg to produce the TIFFs. You can
find it at


It produces several of the formats you asked for and works nicely. The only
problem I have is that I cannot change the resolution, it defaults to 72
dpi, which is not enough for my application.



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Thema:   Which TIFF format is used in batik? How can I get TIFF Type 1?

Hi, all.

I try to transform XML using FOP to one of the following formats:
- TIFF Type 1
- TIFF Type 2
- TIFF Type 3
- TIFF Type 4
- TIFF PackBits

Which TIFF format is used in batik?

How can I get one of the previously listed formats?

Any ideas?

Best regards,
Leonid Kleiner

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