Hi image-fopper,

Iím struggling with embedding images into pdf again. Iím using fop 0.20.4.
My main goal is to find out which image formats are supported and for which
could be support added to fop and how. I already wrote an email about this and
got quite good feedback, but there are still a lot of things unclear (and Iím
sure not only to me). I thought I just state my knowledge here and anybody
could use, correct or add information.

Supported image formats with the basic fop (0.20.4) distribution are:

By using JIMI (http://java.sun.com/products/jimi/) the following image
formats could be used as well: PNG, TIFF    

When you look at the source code in the packages org.apache.fop.image and
org.apache.fop.image.analyser you will see *image.java and *reader.java classes
for the above image formats.
There has been in fop 0.18.1 a JAI and a Jimi class in the package
org.apache.fop.image. Who could tell me why these classes doesnít exist any 
more? Has
the functionality of these classes been moved to another place?

The Jimi documentation states that it supports much more image formats
(download Jimi and look at Jimi\docs\html\Formats.html), but my test show that 
canít handle these. Is that correct? (I saw some emails in the archive which
said the contrary, but also this one
http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=fop-dev&m=100454398019183&w=2 which said the 

Some emails in the archive state that Java Advanced Imaging (JAI,
http://java.sun.com/products/java-media/jai/) could be used to handle more image
formats, but is not distributed with fop because of license reasons. I had a 
look at it, but I donít know how to make it accessible to fop. Could
somebody give me a hint?
In my understanding JAI is split into two parts. 
1. Operations with which a programmer could manipulate a lot of things (e.g.
changing the color and brightness) of an image. This has license
2. Load  and store images.
FOP only needs the second bit, which has been made part of the jdk in
version 1.4! It is in the package javax.imageio

Information about these two parts are in the last paragraphs at:
Further information about the image input and output API are provided at:

Iím quite sure the package javax.imageio could be used to add support for
additional image formats. What do the Java-Gurus say about this?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Markus Schšffler

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