this all comes down to which font you are using. The PCL renderer doesnt support custom fonts. From the standard 14 fonts, the mu character x03BC has a glyph in the Symbol font. Maybe your PCL printer doesnt support the Symbol Font?

Hi Chris,

i'm using only font-family "Helvetica". No extra fonts declared in the config.
The pcl-file is spooled to the same printer the pdf is printed (by an adobe acrobat reader) to.
Both outputs of FOP are generated on the same PC (with Windows 2000 pro) and printed/spooled also.
My printer-driver tells me it supports the symbol-font (natively, without download a softfont).
(I'm setting up a automated fax process. In feeding the pcl to our fax-server, which is pcl-oriented, i get exactly the same results.)
I do not think the problem is the printer.
What i also notice in the printed output, is that the width of this wrong symbol (the 1/4-symbol) is wrong, i.e. it has exactly the width of the character i wanted there: the mu.
Do you have any more suggestions?


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