Hi all,

i bumped into a font-mapping problem, i think.

In my fo-docs i use tables. I sometimes see (in the corresponding pdfs) the contents of a cell overlapping the contents of a cell next to it.
I also notice that the widths of everything are not exact. For example, a given width of 170 mm results in a length of 164 mm on paper.
Also the expected heigth of margins and body doesn't add up exactly.

I use in my fo's as font-family "Helvetica".

Now, when i look at the fonts section of the document-properties of generated pdf-document (with an adobe acrobat reader) it says:
Original Font: Helvetica (type 1)
Encoding: Windows
Actual Font: ArialMT

And i see on the apache-fop site at the Output-section as limitation of PCL that Helvetica is mapped to Arial.

So Arial seems to be pretty well-known.

So, what should i do when i want to use the Arial font myself?
A definition like font-family="Arial" does not seem to exist. (And for some strange reason i can't seem to find anything about the families that are supported by either FO (by specification) or FOP (by default implementation).

Anybody knows how to use Arial?




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