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> In my fo-docs i use tables. I sometimes see (in the corresponding pdfs)
> the contents of a cell overlapping the contents of a cell next to it.
> I also notice that the widths of everything are not exact. For example,
> a given width of 170 mm results in a length of 164 mm on paper.
> Also the expected heigth of margins and body doesn't add up exactly.

Bad. Did you check that there isn't something else stretching
your printout, like a Acrobat reader or printer driver setting
"fit to page"? Also account for border and padding width. Collapsed
table borders are even more tricky.

> I use in my fo's as font-family "Helvetica".
> Now, when i look at the fonts section of the document-properties of
> generated pdf-document (with an adobe acrobat reader) it says:
> Original Font: Helvetica (type 1)
> Encoding: Windows
> Actual Font: ArialMT

For PDF output, Helvetica and Arial are basically synonyms,
and PDF readers treat them as such, as does FOPs PDF renderer.
Read more about PDF fonts in the PDF specs:
(search for "Helvetica")

> So, what should i do when i want to use the Arial font myself?
It depends. The original Arial font was a sort of reimplementation
of Helvetica. It had the same metrics and the same look&feel.
Therefore, for most pratical purposes there should be no difference,
unfortunately, manwhile Arial clones sprung up which do not faithfully
reproduce the Helvetica metrics.
Nevertheless, the MS Arial fonts distributed with Win2k and XP
are Unicode fonts and have much more glyphs, so you might want
to use it anyway. In order to do this, you have to install it as
custom font. Read the docs/html-docs/fonts.html document from
the FOP distribution (or the FOP web site) for instructions.

> A definition like font-family="Arial" does not seem to exist. (And for
> some strange reason i can't seem to find anything about the families
> that are supported by either FO (by specification) or FOP (by default
> implementation).
Look harder. There is the above mentioned doc, the PDF spec, and
also a fonts.fo file in the examples.


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