> On Wed, Dec 25, 2002 at 06:32:44PM +1100, Sean Wheller wrote:
> >
> > I need to put a screenshot and itemizedlist into a table.
> >
> > I use a table with 1 row and two cols. The screenshot in the
> Left cell and the
> > list in the Right cell, both in the same row. I find this works well to
> > converse space (one page/screen full), and helps readers to
> match the list
> > descriptions with the adjacent picture. In this case a picture
> of the file
> > menu which is long.
> >
> > The problem is when I do FO output. The distance from the top
> table border is
> > not the same for the picture and itemizedlist. The picture is
> flush with the
> > top border and the itemized list in spaced down about 0.25in.
> Bob Stayton Replied:
> I suspect you are using FOP as your FO processor.
> The XEP processor lines up both at the tops of
> their respective table cells.
> The problem is that FOP doesn't know when to turn
> off 'space-before' properties.  There are situations
> where a space-before property on a block
> is not appropriate, such as at the top of a page
> or top of a table cell.  What you are seeing is the
> spacing for screen and listitem you would get when
> such blocks are laid out on a page to separate them
> from other blocks.  The screen spacing is 1em, the
> list start spacing is 1em, and the list item spacing
> is also 1em, so the listitem is 1em lower.
> But in a table cell, all such space-before should not
> be output, and so they should line up.
> If you still want a work-around for FOP,
> if you were to eliminate the space-before for the
> list, then they would both be 1em and
> equal so they line up.  The list spacing is
> specified in the 'list.block.spacing' attribute-set
> in fo/param.xsl. You could set that to zero in
> a customization layer, but that would apply to
> all lists in all contexts.
> I don't see an easy way
> to customize this just for table cells, short of
> copying the itemizedlist template from fo/lists.xsl
> to your customization layer, and changing the template
> to match="entry/itemizedlist".  Then
> you could customize the spacing it as needed.
> But you will have to be careful to watch for
> changes to the itemizedlist template during
> stylesheet upgrades to maintain compatibility.

Your assumption about FOP is correct, I have cross posted this to FOP-USER.
The FOP Web Site does list some limitations with Tables, but nothing about
formatting lists in table cells. Perhaps, somebody on the FOP-USER list has
experienced this problem and can give us a solution or pointer.

In the interim I will adjust 'list.block.spacing' to zero.


Sean Wheller

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