Title: RE: FOP performance - frustrating.. help!!

you must be doing something wrong. We use to generate 4000 one-page reports in about 4 hours (you can figure out how long takes for creating just one) and those reports even include graphics and are fairly complex.

I would check the resulting FOP code to see if it is OK. Amongst all the things you mention I haven't found "Optimize FOP code"... I mean , the resulting xsl-fo code resulting of your xml/xsl transformation.

Hope this helps..

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Subject: FOP performance - frustrating.. help!!

  Hello, I'm getting a little frustrated with FOP performance.
  We are generating an XML on the fly that contains a few tables with about
1,000 rows in total.
  We passdown this XML along with XSL to the transformer to generate PDF
from our servlet.
  (transformer.transform( inXML, new SAXResult(
driver.getContentHandler()));  )
  It works well, but it works slow.
  It takes about 5 minutes for 1,000 rows and this is only for transformer
translation (excluing any data query time or jdom XML building time)
  I read through past emails/FAQs and I think I tried them all and it still
does not improve the performance...

  Please help!!
  Here is what I have done.

  1) run with more memory - yes I tried with 512MB (I don't get OutOfMemory
  2) run in separate VM - only helps other requests coming to the site
  3) try with the latest FOP - I did - mine is fop-0.20.4
  4) try with the latest xalan.jar and xerces.jar - tried them, but no
  5) cache XSL style sheet - didn't really help...
  6) use multiple page-sequence - got it to work and I don't get
OutOfMemeory exception, but still performance didn't get better.
         (even if I break them into multiple page-sequences, I will still
have to read through one row at a time, right? - that's why performance is
not really improving..)

  7) no forward-reference - I don't have any page numbers
  8) try with new JDK - trying with JDK 1.3
  9) seralize servlet request - haven't done this, but I doubt this will
have any performance impact (I'm testing with one request for now)
  10) no images - I don't have any...
  11) Don't make the XML tree too deep - mine is very flat with 2 levels

  I have 1,000 rows and each row looks something like following in XML

          <LONG_NAME>Some Fund</LONG_NAME>
          <RATE_DATE>09 Dec 2002</RATE_DATE>

  Here is the question:
    Is this normal to take this long - 5 minutes - to produce a few tables
with combined total 1,000 rows (about 30 pages)?

    Any other better way?

  Thank you for your suggestions.


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