On Sunday 29 December 2002 04:57, you wrote:
> Struts, and FOP are all happy, except for this hopefully harmless
> exception as tomcat starts up:
> Parse Fatal Error at line 551 column 44: The string "--" is not
> permitted within comments.
> Anyone know what file tomcat is complaining about?
It's complaining about a double dash inside an XML comment, which is not
allowed. Track down which file is parsed, and check the comment spanning
the line mentioned in the error message. The problem may be harmless, or
indicate something has been uncorrectly commented out, so that the
parsed content does not mathc the user's expectations. It's better to check.

> Apparently older versions of xerces or xalan
> or something is included in the java 1.4 rt.jar, and the xalan faq
> explains that this is one way to over-ride them.
Correct. Unfortunately, the Xalan coming with jdk 1.4 has a handful
of annoying bugs causing a lot of frustration. I hope the JDK bugfix
distribution will include Xalan 2.4.1.


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