Alexander Koppelhuber wrote:
AWTRenderer does not call its progressListeners methods. So I guess that this feature is no implemented yet.
Will it be included in the next release, or do I
have to rely on the logging messages (because its not part of the Renderer interface anyway)? Are the logging
messages the only way to get information about the
Yes, you are right. Progress listener will probably be imlemented only in FOP 1.0dev. And for a while logger is the only way.

I'm using AWTRenderer to produce a preview image
before rendering to a pdf file, because I could not
find a good (and cheap) java pdf viewer. And both,
adobe pdf and jpedal, were not able to load and
display all pdf files correctly. Is there some
other solution to produce preview images?
Opening pdf in a browser?

I'm not
very satisfied with the rendering quality of the
fonts when using AWTRenderer.
AWT Font-measuring/rendering was improved in cvs, see

Oleg Tkachenko
eXperanto team
Multiconn Technologies, Israel

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