Clay Leeds wrote:

Thanks for putting this stuff up. It's a great reference. Would it be helpfulif someone put PDF versions of these files rendered in 0.20.4 (the current "stable" version)? Also, do you have a script which output these, or did you render them individually, one at a time?

Hi Clay,

Unless there is considerable public out-cry from the FOP community, I don't plan on moving back to 0.20.4. I thought 0.20.5rc was pretty stable, but I could be wrong. I'll upgrade to 0.20.5 as soon as its available.

Here's how it works--when you pick an FO file, my struts action class checks to see if the PDF has been generated yet. If not, it passes it to FOP and generates it. If so, it serves up the existing PDF. So, as people hit all the examples, the website should get faster. :)

BTW, forgive my nitpicky-ness (please!), but although you indicate "2.0.5rc" the version of FOP you are running is probably "0.20.5rc" (unless I missed a few versions :-).

That will be fixed next time I push it, probably later today.

Thanks for the comments.


- Clay Leeds
- Web Developer

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