On Monday 06 January 2003 12:02, Graham Hannington wrote:
> Can FOP indent tables?
I don't think so.
Two simple workarounds
1. Use an additional column (without borders) for indentation, for example
  for a 2 column table indented by 6pt
  <fo:table layout="fixed">
     <fo:table-column comlumn-width="6pt">
     <fo:table-column comlumn-width="5cm">
     <fo:table-column comlumn-width="5cm">
          <fo:table-cell border="...">...</fo:table-cell>
          <fo:table-cell border="...">...</fo:table-cell>
2. Put the table in another blind table with an additional column for
indentation similar to the point above.
Either approach has its merits.

> I'm using FOP 2.0.4.


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