I'm using FOP 0.20.4 to create a 260-page PDF from XHTML source.

Before I fling my XHTML at FOP, I use a script that replaces <img>
src="x.png" attributes with src="x_printonly.png".  The "_printonly.png"
files are 300dpi versions (for printing) of the normal 96dpi graphics (for
online viewing).

However, using these larger 300dpi graphics, FOP does not complete rendering
(it just stops after some "[INFO] [xxx]" messages, leaving me with an
unreadable 139KB PDF).  It will completely render the first or second half
separately, but not together.

If I remove the script that replaces the src attributes, and fall back to
using the low-res graphics, then FOP completely renders the entire document
(resulting in a 2.8MB PDF).

Is there some memory restriction here?  I'd really like to use those
high-res graphics (in total, the _printonly PNGs amount to 1.58MB).

Graham Hannington

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