Title: issues with fo:leader, fo:page-citation, and justification for toc and index


I'm posting this both lists, hopefully this should interest developers, and maybe
I can get an answer to this:

I've got a document with contents, then the body and then an index.

They both use the 'standard' contents pattern, ie with a block using
text-align="justify", and a leader to produce lines like:


btw it doesn't seem to matter if I use text-align or text-align-last,
even though each line is in it's own block.


If I use page-number-citation for the contents, then it works just fine.
If I use a literal page number (not for the final product obviously!) then the
leader runs to the end of the line, and the page number is on the next line.

For the index, the page number is on the next line as above, for both literal
numbers and page-number-citations.

However, if I put the index before the body (not ideal for the final product!),
so the order is contents, index, body, then the index works perfectly as well.

It seems to me like there's something going on with page-number-citation and
justify. I know the whole PDF document is kept in memory until the forward
page references are resolved (always for the contents, and for the index when
I moved it to the front), so has this got something to do with it.

I guess I'll have to use a table workaround, unless anyone knows a better one.


Iain Miller

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